Educational Loan Fund

Online Educational Loan Fund Application Security On The Rise

Education loans, which are a sum of money borrowed to finance post-secondary education or higher education-related expenses, are no longer new to us.

To make it more convenient for students to seek additional financial aid for their education, many loan fund organizations now move processes online.

As a result, students who need a loan no longer struggle in finding information and applying for an educational loan fund offline. Just by some clicks, they can have a thorough guide in requirements to pre-determine if they’re eligible for an application. If they do, an online application is a next step. To do so, you should convert all related documentation into PDF files before submitting online for review.

At this point, the concern of securing personal information has been raised in the applicant’s mind. The educational loan fund organizations, as such, face a challenge to find a suitable way to shield all applications. The best practice is to allow loan seekers to access their own applications only if they can provide a correct unique code. Otherwise, the access will be denied.

Fortunately, our plugins, which provide a simple solution for that use case, are here to help.

How PPWP Pro Heps Shield Educational Loan Fund Applications

With the help of our powerful plugins, you can password protect PDF files, which are applications, directly by their URLs. Similar to password protecting content, you can either create your custom password or auto-generate a random one. For example, generate passwords based on applicant’s emails.

Accordingly, when someone tries to access the PDF applications of other students, a password form will be prompted. In other words, each applicant assigned passwords can see and edit their own files only.

By default, a password form looks like the below image:

What’s more, Password Protect WordPress Pro and Smart Restriction extension also enable you to restrict password usage based on usage limit or expiry. In detail, you have control over the maximum number of times a password is used and the number of days it will expire after creating.

How about blocking search indexing? Not to worry, our plugins assure to handle this task. Simply adding our provided code snippet to your (child) theme’s functions.php file, you can take your mind off this issue. As a result, no personal data along with private applications will leak out and show up on any search engine.

Are you finding the best way to password protect application PDF files for your educational loan fund?

Get our Password Protect WordPress Pro plugin and its Smart Restriction extension today!