Underdevelopment and Staging Sites

There may be times when you want to work on new website ideas. Instead of bringing about changes directly on your business website, you can create a staging site and make adjustments there. You can easily edit content, leave comments, and see what visitors would experience on your site when it goes live.

This underdevelopment or staging site should be private otherwise users can see your incomplete work. Password Protect Entire Site from our Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro plugin makes it easy to keep prying eyes off your underdevelopment websites. Only editors or web designers with the correct passwords are able to unlock the site.

Afraid that users might find your underdevelopment site on Google search results? Once protected, the site won’t be indexed by any search engines. This means that visitors are unable to find it on search results pages.

It’s possible for you to grant freelance users like developers or guest content writes temporary access to your site via access links. They don’t have to enter passwords to view your website. You can set these links to expire after a period of time or a number of clicks, e.g. when they complete their work.