Share Science Blogs on Social Media

Having spent significant time and money to develop your science website, you definitely don’t want to let all your valuable content be accessed by unauthorized users.

To bring the most accurate and useful information to your target audience, you must do a lot of research and put enormous efforts. These pieces of information, therefore, are not easy to get elsewhere on the Internet. That’s why you want to secure your valuable work as much as possible.

Share Your Science Blogs on Social Media

As a professional in your area, your blog site is basically one of your favourite places to share and exchange knowledge with others. 

In fact, your website provides informative scientific knowledge that serves a specific group of users such as students, teachers, and even professionals in other related fields. Most of the information on your website are conducted through several reliable sources. Sometimes, it’s too precious to be shared freely. Instead, you want to provide the premium content for paid members only.

Besides your personal science blogs, creating a Facebook or Instagram page is helpful to enhance interaction with your members. You might want to share the links of certain posts or pages from your blog to get more viewers. However, it’s important to be selective about who can access your content from those social media sites. 

Internet development leads to several trusts and information leak issues. Your works might be downloaded, shared, and sold unexpectedly by other people rather than you – the original author. That would be the worst scenario you can expect. 

So how can you make sure that your blog content is safe even when you decide to share them with the general public?

Realizing that many science bloggers are struggling to find the best solution to protect their precious scientific content, Password Protect WordPress Pro offers several options to create a steady shield.

Password Protect the Entire Site with PPWP Pro

The best way to stop unwanted guests from looking at the premium content on your scientific site is to make it private. In other words, passwords protect your entire website. 

Whenever non-members or even members access your website, they will see the password message. Only those with the right passwords can get in and see the content. 

However, if you want to share one of your blog posts somewhere else, say on your Facebook page, this protection will cause some confusion. New users or visitors won’t be familiar with having a password form covering the whole content. You want your users to access the private posts immediately without entering passwords and still let other posts remain protected. 

Generate Quick Access Links for Private Posts and Pages

No worries, it’s totally possible. PPWP Pro now allows you to bypass sitewide protection partially with the newly released features of its Password Suite extension. 

When enabling this function, you can select specific content on your website to share with others via quick-access links while leaving the rest of your site protected.

You can find the access links right in the password pop-up settings window of your certain pages or posts. Once you click on the icon, your posts’ access links will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

Now you can paste that link into your post on social media sites. Anyone accessing through that link will be able to view the content immediately instead of the password message.

Isn’t it wonderful? With Password Protect WordPress Pro and Password Suites extension, everything you ever want to achieve becomes easier than ever.

Download Password Protect WordPress Pro and Password Suite now! They will get your back!