Real Estate Private Sales

Along with telesales and various social media channels, WordPress websites come as a powerful tool to help you sell properties, condos, and houses. You can provide content guiding potential buyers through the entire purchasing process. The site allows you to link to related services such as lawyers, movers, and home inspectors too.

On top of that, a WordPress site enables you to offer partners like condo owners or stakeholders private sales or great deals via a password protected page. Only these people with the correct password can unlock this private page and get the sales information. This helps improve partnership with existing customers and close deals easier.

Our Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro plugin allows you to password protect your private sales page from unwanted people. Once secured, only condo owners or stakeholders, with the right password, are able to open this page.

To make it even more convenient for your partners, you can ask them to subscribe then grant them direct access to the private sale page via the whitelisted role feature. After registering and logging in, they’re permitted to access the protected sale page without having to enter passwords.

To do so, you should provide a subscription form so that they can register. We recommend using WPForms plugin. It’s possible for you to customize your registration forms. Apart from important information like username, email, and password, you’re able to ask users to provide a bio. The plugin proves useful to help you activate users automatically as well. You don’t have to build a whole membership website or create accounts for partners manually.