Online Education Websites

The Expansion of Online Education

As the Internet has expanded in the past decades, almost everything can be found or done online nowadays. Online education has become the norm in the modern world where everyone is busy with both their personal and professional life. It seems impossible to set aside some time to join a physical class.

From learners’ perspective, online learning proves more convenient and flexible than the conventional method. There’s also a handful of universities and institutions all over the world hosting their courses online. Learners have total control over their own pace of learning and are able to manage their time wisely.

Online Education Websites

Once you’ve built your education website successfully, the next crucial step is to shield your precious hard-to-produce courses from online piracy. Among a bunch of security methods, password protection proves the simplest and easiest way to go. You can also use a membership plugin, yet it’s more complicated and requires more time to set up and manage your site.

Imagine that there are thousands of students registered, it’d be a nightmare to create thousands of passwords for each one of them to access the online courses. Instead, you can save your time by creating only 1 password for each virtual classroom, then limit each student to use the password for a certain number of times. Sounds much better, doesn’t it?

Let’s get started with Password Protect WordPress Pro and its extension.

Password Protect Your Website with PPWP Pro

First thing first, PPWP Pro allows you to password protect your pages and posts with a single click. Your courses are now accessible to registered students who already pay their fees only. Other users and unregistered students, as a result, will see a password form prompting them to enter the correct password.

Without a password, these unwelcome guests are automatically blocked access to your online courses. The only way for them to view the content is to register, become an authorized user and get a password.

Restrict Password Usage & Advanced Tracking

Now comes the usage restriction part. Under the password management board, you can set a usage limit for your password. For example, you can let each student be able to access a specific course page 3 times only. Their access will be blocked on the 4th attempt.

To do so, simply enable the “Restrict Password Usage based on Users” option under our PPWP Smart Restriction extension. Please note that Statistics add-on is required for this function to work.

Once enabled, it will apply previously set password restrictions to logged-in users automatically. In other words, only logged-in students can use the provided password to access the content and each student is able to use the password 3 times. This helps you prevent password sharing and better controls the quality of your classes.

Better yet, Statistics add-on assists in tracking the exact date and time each user accesses your content, including their usernames, IP addresses, browsers and more in one dashboard.

What are you waiting for? Install PPWP Pro, Smart Restriction and Statistics extension to run your education website effectively now!