Conduct Online Surveys

What are website surveys?

Sending forms and surveys to users is popular among the blogging community. This is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to interact with your members as well as understand them better.

There are two main types of survey: one for membership and one for the general public.

The public surveys normally ask general questions about users’ thoughts and their interests in some related aspects of your site’s focus.

Meanwhile, the private survey sent to particular users and contains more in-depth questions. It’s to support the understanding of website admin about the demand and experience of its members.

That’s why surveys often play an essential role in the developing strategy of a website. Especially, the interference of some unhelpful information provided by non-membership users can affect the final result. The sites’ admin often prefers private surveys rather than the general ones.

How to Create a Password Protect Surveys

If you are wondering how to make a private survey and hide it from the public, you should use the password protect survey. Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro will ease the pain for you with its powerful features for password protection.

With PPWP, you can create unlimited passwords for your online survey so that every user will get one unique password. Users can get their passwords via email, or even on the back of your business cards.

Since you control the deactivation and expiration of the passwords, you may want to set one-time-use passwords. This means after the password is entered, it will immediately become invalid.

The plugin also allows you to customize the password message to whatever you want. For even more advanced features, PPWP helps you create a whitelist in which all the special users don’t need to enter any password to access the form. They can click “Start the Survey” right after logging in instead of seeing a password message.

In case you are overwhelmed with the current situation, just let PPWP take care of the website for you. It will lock all the unnecessary access to your surveys, and leave you spare time for other valuable activities.

Download Password Protect WordPress Pro now to find yourself a little peace in this complicated world.