Top 5 Powerful Plugins for Killer WordPress Content

“Content is the reason search began in the first place”, said Lee Odden.

No one can deny the role of content in every website. To make your website visibility on search results, you can do nothing other than to provide high-quality blog posts. Good content results in higher rankings, which leads to more traffic, leads, and customers.

There is a huge difference between Content and Killer Content. The latter should be well-executed, relevant, and engaging to your visitors.

Luckily, you don’t have to challenge yourself while you can reach a bunch of free supportive plugins.

That’s why in this article, we introduce the top 7 plugins to maximize the benefits of content on your WordPress website. Before digging into details, we can discuss some reasons for using WordPress content plugins.

Won’t make you wait long. Let’s hop in!

Why You Need WordPress Content Plugins

Content is important. No doubt. However, you can’t just write and publish content randomly. You need a clear, effective, and long-term content strategy that drives more visitors to your site.

While keyword research plugins assist you to write more topic-focused content, SEO plugins help you optimize content better. They’ll tell you if your blog is friendly to search engines.

Besides, you must look for protection and restriction plugins to guard off your private content. It can be member-only blogs or premium content for customers.

There are many things to keep an eye on after writing, including editing the flow, tracking its performance on search engines, and promoting on social platforms. You should take a look at the linking between content via related posts too.

The below comprehensive plugins list will have you complete all these tasks as easy as pie.

#1 Yoast SEO


Yoast comes as the most popular WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your content and improve the overall SEO score. Receiving over 176 million downloads, Yoast is now installed actively on more than 5 million WordPress websites.

Built with beginners in mind, the plugin helps you simplify the process of optimizing your content although SEO is unfamiliar to you.

This plugin handles every SEO factor of your content via its SEO and Readability analysis reports. You can see which point you’re doing well and which needs improvement, from canonical URLs, meta tags, keyword density, to XML sitemaps, linking between posts, and many more.

It’s possible for you to upgrade to the plugin’s Premium version and buy more extensions to explore other capabilities. The Yoast Premium plugin assists you in previewing your posts on social channels, finding synonyms, and suggesting internal linking automatically, etc.

#2 MonsterInsights for Site Traffic Analysis


Google Analytics gives you a big picture of your website traffic, and performance via reports which present the total number of traffic, their sources, pages with the most sessions, and tons more.

But how often do you check Google Analytics data? Once a month? I bet some site owners even don’t look at their GA account in several months.

Fortunately, instead of visiting Google Analytics, you now can view reports right in your WordPress dashboard thanks to the MonsterInsights plugin. The plugin permits you to see important statistics, analytics, and actionable reports so you can make the right decision to benefit your business.

Here are a few key reports that will be added to your WordPress dashboard: Audience Report, Publishers Report, Behavior Report, Content Report, Ecommerce Report, Form Report, Search Console Report, Custom Dimensions Report, and Site Speed Report.

It’s simple to have GA ready on your site. All you need to do is install, activate the plugin, insert the Google Analytics tracking code, and done. Say goodbye to complete setup or advanced code which may take days or weeks.

#3 PublishPress for Content Schedule and Publication


If you’re seeking a tool to manage your WordPress publishing schedule, PublishPress is your way to go.

With the support of the plugin, you can see the dates your content is planned for as well as when it was live on site. You can drag and drop posts to adjust their publication date as well.

PublishPress notifies users about changes in content via emails. This feature is especially useful for blogs accepting guest posting. Guests can know when their articles are scheduled.

Plus, the plugin enables you to leave private comments on blogs in the edit screen. Writes and editors can discuss and give feedback on the article making them live.

It’s easy for you to set a custom status for your posts, besides default ones including Draft, Pending for Review, Scheduled, and Published. PublishPress gives you some additional post status such as Pitch, Assigned, and In Progress. You can also create custom stages for your content writing and publishing flow.

#4 PPWP Pro to Protect WordPress Content

You write engaging and killer content to attract more traffic to your site. Still, there are some cases you need to hide it from visitors. It can be insightful research and premium blogs that should be available to members or paid customers only.

PPWP Pro provides you with a perfect solution to secure your WordPress content on the spot. You choose the desired post to protect and enable the password protection function, and the plugin will handle the rest.

You’ll be amazed at how featured-rich the plugin is. It allows you to lock a page/post with multiple passwords. The powerful password management popup permits you to create custom passwords, copy, edit, deactivate, and delete passwords with ease.

On top of that, you can set your passwords to expire automatically after a certain time or usage. After that, users won’t be able to use them to access the private content anymore.

PPWP Pro makes it simple for you to decide the password type. While the Global passwords can be used by all users, User-role passwords must be entered by the corrected logged-in user roles. Others with those passwords are unable to unlock the content.

What’s more, there is no limitation on your post-type protection. You’re able to secure pages, posts, and any custom post types, from WooCommerce products to reviewing pages and even e-learning pages.

PPWP Pro feature list can list endlessly. Explore more about how useful this plugin is on its feature page.

#5 PDA Gold to Secure WordPress Digital Content

Besides written content in page and post forms, you must take media content into account. If you’re selling digital products like ebooks, photographs, or online courses, protecting WordPress media file content should be your first priority.

PDA Gold marks its name as the pioneer in securing WordPress media content. Once your files are protected, users will be led to a 404 page when attempting to access them via the original URL.

More importantly, your private media files will no longer appear on search results either since the plugin already blocks search engines from indexing them.

You can generate private download links enabling any users to view your files. These files will expire after a certain time or click which helps eliminate the chances of unauthorized sharing.

Many users love PDA Gold not only for its useful functions and friendly UI but also for its support service. “The team responded promptly to my requests, gave me a very reasonable quote to get the job done, and then completed it before the established deadline. Most importantly, it worked without any further adjustments. It was by far the best custom development experience I’ve had so far with anyone, and I would highly recommend their products and services to anyone in need”. JL Cox’s beautiful words, one of their beloved customers.

Empower Your WordPress Content with Content Plugins

Writing good content isn’t enough to boost your site traffic and engage visitors to become customers. You need to optimize, promote, and even protect it to make the most of your site content.

We’ve walked you through the 5 best plugins for WordPress content, ranging in different fields. Yoast SEO, without a doubt, is a perfect tool for high-ranking content. MonsterInsight, on the other hand, proves a smart choice in tracking site traffic and observing their performance. We also have PublishPress to simplify the publishing process efficiently.

Apparently, premium WordPress content and digital assets require the best protection method. PPWP Pro and PDA Gold plugins gives you a helping hand in securing your valuable content. You can use PPWP Pro to lock pages, posts, or the entire website. PDA Gold, meanwhile, keeps your files from spying eyes.

Maximize the benefits of WordPress content plugins now!