Create and Protect WordPress One Page Website

Almost all successful websites are large with a lot of pages and posts. When creating a WordPress website, you already have an idea of the main pages it includes and the content will be covered. Your site should contain at least 4 main pages of Homepage, Products/Services, About Us, and Contact Us.

However, have you ever thought of a simple one-page site? Unlike a multiple-page site, a WordPress one-page site includes everything needed in only one place. You can display your company info, a list of products, and the contact details there.

To help you have a better overview of the applications, we’ve put together 5 pros of WordPress one-page sites. Then, you can follow along to discover how to create and secure your one-page WordPress website.

What is a WordPress single-page website and why should we create one?

As mentioned, single-page websites allow you to show all your content on just one page. Users can either scroll down or click on a menu with anchor text to view each section. Although this type of website makes it difficult for Google Analytics to analyze data, many site owners plan to create one due to its outstanding benefits.

  • Reduce complexity – WordPress single-page websites help save development time. Rather than having months of waiting for developers and content creators to design and build pages, you can shorten the process and quickly have your site launched. Additionally, it’s simple for visitors to get an idea of what your site is about without having to access page by page.
  • Maintain the website easily – Similar to the setting up process, keeping a single-page site working properly is no longer a challenge. You don’t need to adjust a lot of content or find out which areas to pay attention to.

When do you need a WordPress one-page website?

You might want to launch a one-page website in many situations, from personal to business reasons.

  • One page wedding websites
  • Building a big website just to inform your wedding is completely not necessary. It might take you a lot of time and effort to create the homepage for the wedding announcement, another one for the party invitation, and a different page for rules and principles.

    Why don’t you just construct a one-page site and release your headache? Guests are able to scroll down and view all the information right on the Homepage.

  • One page restaurant websites
  • You’re wondering if a one-page site can harm your restaurant sales? In fact, it’ll positively affect your online orders. Let us explain why.

    Since there is only a single page, these restaurant sites actually load much faster than traditional ones. Users will have a better shopping experience which results in their quick food ordering.

    What’s more, a one-page restaurant site differentiates your brand from competitors. Most eateries have numerous pages and posts on their sites, giving details of every dish or chef recipes, and a separate page for promotion. Presenting the menu on a page, on the other hand, provides customers with full choices.

  • One page photography website
  • One-pagers allow users to access everything you offer without getting lost in an endless number of pages. You can visualize the users’ journey throughout the website. The first section introduces your main message, the next one lists out your best photos, and the last part can show other related information, for example.

    Since most of your viewers have a good sense of art, remember to select a suitable template to make your site more attractive and at the same time avoid devaluation. On top of that, focus on quality rather than quantity. You should pick your best works or portfolios to display on the site.

    How to create a one-page website with WordPress

    Whatever industry your business belongs to, there are fundamental factors you must notice when designing a WordPress one-page site. We’ve summarized the 3 most important steps of the process as followed:

    Step 1: Make sure a one-page website is what you need

    First of all, consider carefully if this type of site is the right fit for your company. The website comes as your online business’s image since it’s the first place customers visit before using your digital services.

    Step 2: Pick an appropriate theme

    Select a suitable theme for your site, depending on your niche. A restaurant one-page website should engage people’s senses while a photography site must have an artistic appearance.

    Step 3: Have the content ready

    Last but not least, plan your content. Jot down everything you need to include on that one page and quickly decide how many sections you want to share. Generally, even a traditional or a one-page site contains the Home section, one part for products, an area to introduce the team, and a segment for contact information.

    Noticeably, you don’t have to worry about remembering all these stuff since single page website templates already cover them all. Simply review your content and add it to the layout, your one-pager is ready for launching.

    How to protect your one-page WordPress site

    Not all single pagers should be visible to the public. You sometimes create them for personal usages or serve a specific group of users. So, it’s necessary to protect them from unwelcome visitors. To take one example, you ought to make your one-page wedding site available to invited guests only.

    In fact, once published and indexed by search engines, your WordPress site can appear anywhere on search results. Visitors can access it by typing a relevant query on Google search bar.

    To prevent this, you need a solution to block crawlers from finding and indexing your site, at the same time, stop users from viewing it even if they have the direct site URL.

    Recognized as the most powerful WordPress content protection plugin, Password Protect WordPress Pro allows you to lock your single page site with passwords. You’re able to secure the entire website or individual sections based on your purposes.

    Password protect the entire website

    PPWP Pro enables you to cover the entire one-page WordPress site under a password form. You can assign multiple passwords to the site as well. Those who have entered any of these correct passwords will see the protected content immediately.

    This guide shows you how to get started with the plugin with ease:

    1. Download Password Protect WordPress Pro plugin
    2. Log into your WordPress dashboard and click PluginsAdd NewUpload Plugin
    3. Choose the plugin’s zip file
    4. Head to Password Protect WordPress on the admin sidebar → Entire site section
    5. Enable the option Password Protect Entire Site
    6. Enter your desired passwords
    7. Save your changes

    Each password will display on a separate line. This is what visitors see every time accessing your one-page website.


    Password protect page partially

    Your one-page wedding website consists of private information such as the ceremony place and your contact details. Even though you want to announce your special event to the whole world, it’s significant to keep them away from this kind of information to prevent future annoyance.

    PPWP Pro supports you in making sections of your one-pager private. All you need to do is to install the plugin and enter a simple shortcode to the restricted parts.

    Take these 5 steps to shield your excluded content with the plugin:

    1. Edit your page from the admin backend
    2. Wrap your desired content sections with the shortcode
      [ppwp id="" class="" passwords="password1 password2" whitelisted_roles="administrator, editor"] Your protected content [/ppwp]
    3. Update the page

    Replace the “password1 password2” with your own passwords and separate them with a space character. The whitelisted_roles defines who are allocated access to your protected content parts without having to enter passwords. They can be admins, editors, or developers. Remove this section in case you require all users to provide the right password to view your content.

    Make use of one-page WordPress website

    Unlike traditional sites, single-page WordPress websites make it easy for you to summarize all important information in a place and encourage visitors to take action quickly. They also load faster and become easier for maintenance.

    Creating a one-page site doesn’t appear as a complicated task if you apply the right method. Don’t forget to consider carefully the benefits and drawbacks of a one-page site to make sure it fits with your site’s focus. Then, select a suitable theme and have the content up.

    Intend to shield your one-pager from the public? Let Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro help within seconds! You can have full control over your protected site by granting access to specific people only.