Password Access Levels

PPWP Access Levels extension enables you to password protect the entire post categories, then set different access levels for the content. You've never seen a more powerful password protection like this.


Access Levels: the most powerful way to password protect your content

You have to password protect individual pages no longer. Nor do you need to add new posts into your existing protection - with our Access Levels extension.

Access Levels extension allows you to:

  • Protect the entire post as well as WooCommerce Product categories: one or many categories at the same time
  • Auto-protect new posts under any selected categories of the base level
  • Protect any custom taxonomies under a particular post type (WIP)
  • Protect the entire posts, pages or any custom post types including WooCommerce Products (WIP)
  • Integrate access levels with the sitewide protection (WIP)

Protect entire WooCommerce Product categories

Sell certain products to certain groups of users. Protect your products from unwanted purchases with one or multiple passwords.

Grant different content access with levels

Allow users to access different private content according to their levels. Higher-level passwords will be able to access the same or lower-level content.

  • Set different access levels for each base
  • Set unlimited passwords for any particular levels

Manage entire level content with ease

  • Create as many base levels as you'd like to
  • Deactivate and delete a base level with a single click. Once deactivated, all posts on that base level will become unprotected

Manage all level passwords in one place

With a friendly and intuitive interface, the extension enables you to set unlimited passwords for any levels and manage them in one place. You can also create new, (de)activate, expire, or even delete passwords as usual.

Generate quick access links

Use quick access links to provide users with direct access to the protected content without having to enter a password.
  • Each access link can be deactivated or set to expire just like a normal password
  • Users will keep access to the content until the cookies expire

* A post is locked with passwords when protected either by our default Password Protect WordPress Pro, Groups, or Access Levels.

$69.9 Only $49.7

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WordPress: 4.7 or higher
PPWP Lite: or higher
PPWP Pro: or higher
PHP: 5.6.2 or higher

Extension Details

Developer: BWPS Team
Version: 1.0.0
License: As per your PPWP license

Your extension license is tied to your Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro license. So please use the same email when purchasing PPWP Pro and this extension.