January 6, 2020

4 Ways to Protect WordPress Pages with Multiple Passwords


When offering private sales or a paid privilege on your WordPress site, you always want only authorized users to access the content. You can either create a membership website or block IP addresses. However, assigning passwords to these private pages turns out to be a better solution. Users no longer have to sign up or…

December 25, 2019

How to Password Protect WordPress Directory with .htaccess


WordPress web directory password protection allows you to secure and manage your content on the webserver level. Once protected, users have to log in to access your secured site content. In this article, we will introduce what a .htaccess file is and how to use it to password protect your entire WordPress website, certain pages,…

December 24, 2019

7 tips & tricks when using PPWP plugins & its extensions

When it comes to password protection, Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) Pro turns out to be the most favored plugin. You can get your premium articles, WooCommerce products, even the entire WordPress website secured with a few simple clicks. Having said that, sometimes it’s confusing to deal with all those features at the same time. It’s…

December 18, 2019

How to Create and Password Protect Your Online Portfolios

Portfolios showcase your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and attributes by recording the work you’ve completed or awards you’ve received. Your graphic design business is seeking clients? Or you’re just a creative professional looking for employment opportunities? A well-designed online portfolio helps attract clients effectively and make your job search a success. Some content management systems like…

November 12, 2019

How to Create a WordPress Intranet Site


Rapid business growth appears to be the main objective of every company. However, scaling your business takes considerable effort. Apart from getting around sales and marketing, you have more internal tasks to handle, from setting business goals and rules to classifying teams and motivating employees. Then, it’s time to think of an internal communication network…

November 5, 2019

Which Pages Should I Noindex or Nofollow?


Many marketers and website owners put a lot of effort into getting their pages ranked well on Google search results. To do that, these pages must be indexed and available on the search engines. However, there are some pages that you need to noindex as they help nothing or simply exist to meet the regulation…

November 3, 2019

How to Create Passwordless Login for WordPress


Along with hosting companies and backups, passwords also play a vital role in every WordPress site’s security. Many people claim that enforcing users to create a strong and hard-to-guess password helps protect their sites from brute force attacks of bot or hackers. However, it’s not easy for users to set good passwords and keep track…