February 17, 2020

Perfect Solution for WordPress Private Client Portal

about the quality of the services but you also need to establish good communication with your clients. You can exchange information via a live chat, a contact form, or several other methods. Do you know that WordPress client portal would be an essential client management tool for more intimate and efficient user experience as well?…

February 14, 2020

Password Protect Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types in WordPress

Suppose you get a WordPress post out to discuss a controversial topic, you definitely don’t want the general public to view it. If you’re running an online business, premium products on your site shouldn’t be purchased by standard customers. To avoid unwanted controversies on your site or prevent users from accessing premium product pages, it’s…

February 11, 2020

Top 5 WooCommerce Captcha Plugins


Spammers and hackers will hurt not only your WordPress site but also your WooCommerce store. They damage your WooCommerce shop by attempting to register and log into your store to make fake orders. This will cost you a lot of money and affect your SEO rankings. Numerous methods are provided to prevent non-human users. Some…

February 6, 2020

Hide WooCommerce Categories from Product Pages and Shop Pages

Instead of showing a long list of all products belonging to different product types, you can organize them based on features using WooCommerce categories. Buyers are able to find what they want within seconds. You sell clothing, for instance, you might have “shirts”, “hoodies” and “caps” as categories. What’s more, when displaying the categories on…

February 4, 2020

How to Password Protect WordPress Site


When building a website, we usually want to attract more visitors, grow the online audience, and increase sales. Have you ever thought of creating a private WordPress website for close friends or family members? Or simply set up an underdevelopment site so that only you and the developers can see how the live website looks…

February 4, 2020

Hide WordPress Categories

Along with tags, categories prove one of the most effective ways to organize and sort out your related WordPress posts. Visitors can scan through the category and read all related articles easily. The Blog on each website can include multiple categories. However, you sometimes might not want all of them to be shown publicly. The…

January 31, 2020

Create Password Protected Events in WordPress


Networking events are considered as a powerful marketing asset to help any business grow. When holding a meetup, you’re building new relationships with potential clients, partners, and investors. Since events turn around a single topic, you have a chance to introduce your business to the targeted audience. You can position yourself as an authority as…